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Crystal Light how to do too much power, low voltage chandelier
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Crystal Light
Crystal Light has always been to glamorous, sparkling luster, exquisite seductive curves, sparkling show his body, all show that the 18th-century European court room chandelier picture aristocratic luxury. The world's first light crystal chandelier was born in a "romantic" reputation of France. Perhaps it is revealing the gorgeous crystal lights bones, extravagance, luxury villa which has been the preferred lighting. Today, Crystal Light has a bold breakthrough in the design of harassment inherent in fine, more changes in the modeling scene, splendid in color even more colorful, but also more diverse in function.
Crystal lamps beautiful, elegant styling, dazzling, flashing in the sunlight, creating his extraordinary temperament. Whether we are the master bedroom lights, or to do decorative lights, reveals the extraordinary style. Crystal Light to do if the indoor light source, to be configured accordingly a number of auxiliary light to set off its charming scene. To give full play to its crystal light refraction effect of the advantages, the best choice for ordinary clear glass bulb, rather than using frosted or colored light bulbs.
Selection of four principles of lighting
The principle of a simple and elegant
Palace chandelier carved hollow fine lines, fine carving; modern styling, seven, eight lotus lined up, the size of an orderly, realistic ... ... but the petals are too complex for even the complex shape of the small size of the room would be distracting , repressed feelings, coupled with the North air is dry, dusty and too complex to clean the crystal lamp lighting and this year will be very troublesome to east late. Modern advocating simplicity, lighting is the same, simple does not mean simple, simple shapes are often more spirited, coupled with strong metal texture and color, is the real eye-opening.
Second, the principle of convenience and security
Selection of dome, the first inconvenient to consider changing a light bulb, broken light bulbs, after all, is a very common thing, if the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. But to figure out the diameter screw head, because some of the leaves dance Akiyama crystal lamp diameter can not use non-standard energy-saving light bulbs.
In addition, a large kitchen and the water vapor, more humid, so lighting should also be considered when buying water problems.
Principles of harmonization and unification of the three
Swarovski crystal light fixtures are designed to complement the entire room, so the style should be coordinated to each other well. Many people prefer the aisle or to do decorative wrought iron products, such as glass doors with wrought iron flowers on the bar, on the wall is the iron clocks, wrought iron tables and chairs is very pretty, if coupled with an iron pipe material chandelier effect will be very good; and security has golden hands, golden lighting of the room, gold decorative lights can also be mated. In short, the different functions the same room lighting style, color and style is best to unity.
Four principles of effective and style
Lighting is the most direct function of light, but let the light just right against the background of our daily life, of which there are a lot of knowledge. Lamp, different options, the resulting projection will have a lot of effects and mood changes. Sheepskin lamp and Japanese paper lamp shade, texture relatively Qingbotouming, soft lighting and elegant; imitation mahogany with a combination of rosin jade shade, can become light yellow, with mahogany furniture and matching into a fun, quaint, but also as a unique decorative objects and furnishings to complement and foil; those Roman-style metal table lamp, a miniature sculpture in itself, quite artistic.
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