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Led Chandelier-Amazing Design
Author:admin     Click:754     Time:2011-06-28 15:42:00

Hello there, welcome to modern lamp(Lideng lighting factory)!We are proud of our new achievement, as our updated developed Led chandelier(Item No.P7242-8) was published in a famous south America magazine on June.
Someone may concern how it performs to be a NEW thing, so let me take this chance to make a brief introduction as follows:
1. New Idea

Most people prefer to put led bulbs on chandelier, it sounds not a bad idea, but we had a better proposal. Now our talented designer had come up with a crazy good idea---we wrap the chandelier with led strips, it looks marvelous indeed.
2. New Technology

As we all know, LED is an energy saving and environmental friendly products. LED can last in excess of 100,000 hours. It is common for LED office lighting to have a life expectancy exceeding 40,000 to 50,000 hours. This is over 5 years, if you leave it turned on 24/7.
Some places like market, shopping mall, pub, hotel, and their open time usually lasts to evening late at night, so their products need lamps to light how they really look like.

Definitely LED Chandelier is your best choice, and it satisfies all kinds of demand.

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