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2012 guangzhou international lighting exhibition
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2012 guangzhou international lighting exhibition

Lighting &LED of the world's biggest exhibition event
Time: June 9, 2012
Venue: China import and export fair exhibition center (Guangzhou · pazhou)
Organizer: Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Exhibition scale: 200,000 square meters
Exhibitors: over 2,600 exhibitors from 27 countries/regions
Network partner:
Aladdin lighting:www.alighting.CN, LED in the new century network:www.ledth.com, Guangya international station:
www.lightstrade.com, a good network:www.oodii.com
Support units
      Asian Institute of intelligent buildings; electric Committee of China building decoration Association; of architectural
society of China electrical branch of architectural society of China electrical branch Malaysia electric power Association;
the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Association; Institute of engineers of Macao; architect of architectural
society of China branch; LONMARK International Association of Canada CABA continental automated buildings Association.
Exhibition description
      Whether in China or the world, "energy-saving emission reduction" and "green building" under the trends and
requirements, design concepts and constantly strengthen those elements of modern architecture, construction electricians
electrical key drivers for technology development. "Construction electrician electrical" thematic areas covered modernization
of the electrical industry with the latest energy-saving products and technology in 2011, "electrical building technology
Guangzhou international exhibition" held concurrently
with "Guangzhou International lighting exhibition" attracted 100,465 spectators to come to visit, increasing 40% compared
with last year. There were 2,913 two exhibitions exhibitors, gathered in 20 exhibition halls, exhibition area of 210,000 square
meters. In addition to show world famous enterprise and the Association: ABB (Switzerland), and Schneider de, and sharp
extension displayed (China), and legran (France), and times Fuk, and Wei Lang, and abuxiteyongnuo, and OSRAM
(Germany), and Philips (Netherlands), and echelo, and Honeywell lang can, and general electrical (United States),
and Bunge electronic (Australia), and Samsung (Japan), brand and the BACnet, and EnOcean, and KNX and LonMark,
important international organization large by welcomes outside, industry leading enterprise as: Hangzhou Hongyan,
and Foton, Kam, pine, plastic, Hedong, Yonglin, remittances, Project Yi Jin Tak also attract a lot of buyers to visit. This
exhibition attracted 19,955 people from 116 countries and regions overseas audiences, increasing 26% compared with
last year. Top ten overseas visitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea, and India, and Japan and the United States,
and Singapore, and Malaysia, and Australia, and Russia. And the number of domestic visitors than last year rose by 44%,
80,510. Innovation in the high number of spectators, including many from government departments, research institutes,
and industry associations around the world tours to 98% units in the previous exhibitors have already decided or are
considering participating in the 2012 show.
Market potential
Policy: needs expansion
      According to the National Bureau of publications, 2010 China construction market with output value of 9.5206 trillion
yuan, an increase of 24%, the housing construction area reach 70, 100 million square meters, an increase of 19%. In this
scale, China has already surpassed United States as the world's largest construction market. It is predicted that in 2010,
total construction area of 55.75 billion square meters, a large number of new building construction electrical engineering
products have a huge market opportunity. Construction electric electrical Magazine magazine ... China real estate Association,
real estate real estate industry association, Guangdong Province, China Association of KNX Association Asia-Pacific
Federation of electrical construction Association, Hong Kong Institute of engineers, building services division of Macau
Association Guangdong Province Association of automation, intelligent building Branch of China construction industry
association BACnet International Association. ...
Market trends: energy conservation and emission reduction
      According to the China policy, new standards for strict implementation of the energy-saving design of 50% building,
through the gradual promotion of green and energy-efficient buildings, by 2020, the total energy consumption of the building
of the whole society to achieve the goals for energy-saving 65%. Electrical consumption rate of 70% per cent of the total
energy consumption in buildings, new construction and energy saving renovation of existing buildings for new electric
engineering products have broad market prospects. "Guangzhou International lighting exhibition" and "Guangzhou
International electrical building technology China" is the Germany subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt GmbH "Frankfurt International
lighting and building technology and equipment exhibition" in China has grown 17, has become the first in the world scale
industry event.

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